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Ethereal Arts Self Defense

The Science of Self Defense

Ethereal Arts Self Defense

Ethereal Arts is committed to teaching the “Science of Self Defense.” In other words, Kenpo Karate is not a force against force contest where the strongest wins. The “Science of Self Defense” is in the understanding of angles and positions and using the right tool for the job. Karate is not just for the big nor is it only for the strong. Kenpo is for anyone large or small, young or old, and even people that may be overweight or have an old injury. Since Kenpo is an “intelligence” art, it can be tailored to the individual. Our facility offers a total of six martial arts for you to choose from to better suit your individual needs.

Grab a Sidekick!

Your friends and family can get two free weeks of Kenpo Karate!

You can win awesome prizes!

Between now and March 31st!


  • Pick up “Grab a Sidekick” cards at the Dojo
  • Fill out the back of the card with your info
  • Give the card to a friend or family member
  • Bring them in to take a class with you. Make sure your sidekick brings the card with them so you can get credit!
  • Win prizes based on the number of sidekicks you bring to the dojo. The prizes get even better if they sign-up at Ethereal Arts!
  • See your instructor for further details


Prizes for the number of sidekicks you bring to a class to Ethereal Arts

  • Free Patch (1-3 people take a class with you)
  • $25 in Pro Shop Credit (4-5 people take a class with you)
  • Free Foam Weapon (6+ people take a class with you)

Prizes for the number of sidekicks who sign-up for classes at Ethereal Arts

  • School Shirt (1-3 people sign up for classes at Ethereal Arts)
  • Private Lesson with Free Weapon (4-5 people sign up)
  • Bob Punching Bag or Wavemaster (6+ people sign up)

Ethereal Arts Programs

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Why It's Important

Improved Focus
Boosts Self Confidence
Weight Loss
Positive Social Interaction
You'll Have Fun
Anti-Bullying Education


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Start your journey toward Black Belt with excellence, with pride, with the best, with Ethereal Arts.

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Ethereal Arts Self Defense

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