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Exciting and motivating, Kenpo is the most effective martial art today. Whether studying for self defense, personal motivation, weight loss or just fun and exercise, you will receive the best training available in this fascinating and highly effective martial art. Kenpo combines all of the elements taught in our other arts separately and much more.

Instructor with Child

Ages 3 through 5 will enjoy this class as they learn life skills that are useful in and out of the dojo. Activities, games, and exercises that are built upon martial art principles are used to teach children not just self-defense but the understanding of when and where it is ok for them to use or not use their skills.

Older kids ages 6 through 12 have their own class and learn to work individually and as a team. Students are challenged and encouraged as they progress through the ranks and other short-term goals. Nearly all of our Kids beginner students report an improvement in their grades at school after just six months of training in our program. The improved focus and self-discipline learned in martial arts is the key to their success. Now it can be the key to your child’s success as well.

Adults will find Kenpo is an effective weight loss and stress relief program as well as a martial art. Fast paced workouts that challenge the mind as well as the body will keep you sharp and fit. Hitting a punching bag after a long day at work can make stress just melt away. Working with other students in a hands-on environment of learning will earn a satisfying sense of accomplishment and better depth of understanding all while being fun too.

Often referred to as meditation in motion the movements of Tai Chi are calming and peaceful. Tai Chi is comprised of the soft flowing circular movements of Kung Fu. Within the fluid motions of the form is one of the healthiest exercises in the world.  Doctors recommend no other art as much as Tai Chi. Recovery from back problems and helping counter the stiffness of joints are just some of the reasons more and more doctors are recommending Tai Chi. Circulation and breathing, as well as concentration and balance, are all improved with practice. Tai Chi is a non-impact style and can be totally customized to each person’s range of motion. There is no falling or shouting like in other martial arts and strength is not a requirement. People can continue to study Tai Chi well beyond their eighties and have increased focus and energy throughout their lives. Ethereal Arts offers Tai Chi in both a health exercise non-martial art form as well as the advanced martial art form.

Any martial arts weapon that moves around the artist must move in a path so as not to injure the wielder. These paths are connectable into patterns and these patterns provide increased power, speed, and efficiency. While these patterns may not be learned easily they unlock an entirely new world to martial artists looking to expand their knowledge of the arts beyond the empty hand. Furthermore, these patterns are universal and allow the wielder to use nearly any martial arts weapon.

The ability to transition from a standard upright position to a throw or takedown into the ground position and back upright again. This is the method of controlling an opponent from any position. Submission Grappling teaches movements from a variety of arts such as but not limited to Wrestling, Chin Na, Ju Jitsu, Pankration, Lua, and Sambo. In addition, grappling is also the most endurance building art there is. Learn to control an opponent even if the encounter should end up on the ground. Grappling is also an excellent form of self defense because the techniques can be tailored to fit the situation so as not to injure the opponent while still forcing them to stop their attack. Due to the extreme difficulty in teaching/learning this art, Submission Grappling is only taught in private lessons to two or more students at a time.

Students Training

The Chinese term describing techniques used in the martial arts that control or lock opponents joints or muscles/tendons so he/she cannot move, thus neutralizing their fighting ability. No other art allows for this level of complete control over an attacker. Chin Na gains further distinction due to the fact that it can be used to completely stop an attacker without inflicting any injury, a valuable tool in times of people suing others for no reason.

A class dedicated to learning how to fight with weapons while using a foam version of that weapon. More than just Kata or practice swings, this class is about learning how to hit your sparring partner with your weapon while not getting hit in return. The use of a weapon is found in all aspects of the weapon itself, that is to say striking, blocking, evading, disarming and even grappling. In our Live Action Weapons class, students will learn to use all aspects of their weapon of choice and have fun doing it at the same time.

Muay Thai should not be confused with “aerobic” or “cardio” kickboxing. This is a martial art that emphasizes the use of the elbows and knees for self defense. Including the hands and feet, Muay Thai is often referred to as the science of the eight limbs and is very direct and powerful. Its power comes from a simple and direct nature as well as striking while the body is in motion. These classes are also well known for their workouts and students frequently leave feeling a unique combination of satisfyingly tired and an energized commitment that only a great workout can produce. Muay Thai Kickboxing has earned a reputation as being highly effective and is often the martial art of choice for many professional fighters.

In each class, we will explore movement in our bodies, as well as work to link breath with movement. All classes are suitable for beginner and experienced practitioners. We offer a number of different options for each of the shapes that we take with our bodies. All that we ask is that you honor your body in class and only do what feels best for you. Please plan to bring a yoga mat and water. For restorative yoga, please plan to bring a small blanket or towel, and pillow. Yoga mats, blocks, and blankets will be available to purchase through Ethereal Arts.

Yoga is not included in the two free trial classes offer. Contact the school for more information.


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