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Kenpo Karate

The Griffin

In mythology, the Griffin is the unrivaled symbol of power. With the talons and wings of an eagle and the powerful hind legs of a lion, the Griffin combined speed and grace, wisdom and ferocity. A Griffin backed down to no one and has become the inspiration for a unique martial art called Griffin Ryu Kenpo Karate.

The Ethereal Arts Self Defense studio was opened in 1996 by the creator of Griffin Kenpo Karate, Master Eric Frost. His martial system stresses the complete mastery over the art, as well as maintaining the five rules for both training and life: Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Character, and Self-Control.

Kenpo, in any form, is not to be used unless one’s life is in danger. The instructors here at Ethereal Arts are adamant that the art must be used responsibly, that it must never be used to provoke a fight or to be used against a family member or friends. Students are taught that they must use their training only in dire situations when they must fight to protect themselves. Kenpo is not an excuse for violence—ever.


Healthy Lifestyle

Though it sounds serious, Kenpo Karate is actually a great way to improve your life. Not only will you learn skills that could protect you one day, but you can also use the training to help you burn off stress from work or school. Aerobic workouts are a daily part of the training, which, in addition to relieving stress, will aid as a weight-loss regiment, and help manage a variety of health ailments. It also gives you a chance to develop trusting friendships with the people you train with so that you can always find support during the worst of days.

Kids are always welcomed in the dojo. We find that children who practice Kenpo develop higher self-esteem through their training, and a greater sense of respect and responsibility to the people around them. Kenpo makes a good hobby for energetic, sporty kids, extroverts, and even those who feel shy and want to find a way to become more confident in themselves. In addition, educational studies have shown that children who participate in martial arts earn better grades during the school year.

Kenpo Karate is a fluid blend of the hard linear motions of Karate and the soft circular motions of Kung Fu, combined to form the most effective martial art today. The philosophy of Kenpo strives to never take a life, even in combat.

Kenpo students learn to defend themselves using all the methods of defense: striking, felling, and grappling. Striking in Kenpo uses the hands and feet at the same time. Felling is a combination of sweeps and throws to unbalance an attacker, while grappling is the ability to control a person by locking the joints of the body. Controlling rather than striking causes far less injury.

For Everyone

Kenpo is designed so that adults and children, both men and women, are able to participate. We do not expect anyone to come here equipped with massive strength or amazing agility. Everyone who enters the dojo is respected and encouraged to learn.

Begin anytime with a group or with private lessons. No experience is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome even during class times.

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