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Classes for kids ages 6 to 12

Kids Kenpo Karate

Kenpo is a hybrid martial art that blends together the hard linear motions of Karate with the soft circular motions of Kung Fu. It brings together the elements of Grappling, Kicking and Punching as well as Felling and Throwing techniques into a highly effective system of Self Defense. This system has been made popular by its ability to allow people who are smaller or not particularly strong to defend themselves against larger opponents.


Kenpo, like any other martial art, should not be used unless one’s life is in danger. The instructors here at Ethereal Arts are adamant that the art must be used responsibly, that it should not be used to provoke a fight or to be used against a family member or friends. Students are taught that they must use their training only in dire situations when the option to fight or protect themselves is made unavoidable. Knowing Kenpo is not an excuse for violence—ever. This belief is taught in all of our classes.


How is Kenpo different from other martial arts?

Kenpo is unique in that it employs all four methods of self defense in one art. The methods of punching, kicking, felling and grappling provide the student with an advantage over arts that simply focus on kicking and punching. Kenpo is a thinking art that teaches people to not just block but to do so in a manner that limits an attacker’s ability to continue fighting. Striking is used in a similar fashion in that its purpose is to remove the ability of the attacker to continue their assault. Furthermore, Kenpo is the only art created to defend against multiple opponents at the same time. Lastly, Kenpo is an art devoted to the personal development of its practitioners both physically and mentally.


Why should my child enroll in a Kenpo class?

Studies have shown that martial arts are a great way for children to exercise. Researchers have found that children who participate in martial art do much better with their schoolwork and grades. They are also less likely to fall prey to bullies, and in cases where a fight can’t be avoided, their training helps them protect themselves without being labeled as a bully in turn. Ethereal Arts has always encouraged its students toward higher achievement by rewarding excellence and hard work both in school and in the dojo

Simply put, Kenpo is a highly effective form of self defense that helps students build many facets of their minds and bodies such as self confidence and fitness to name a few.


What age group is Kids Kenpo Karate?

Kids Kenpo Karate is for children age 6 to 12. Our Kids Kenpo classes have a more mature approach to lessons and achievements. 


Can I watch?/Can I participate?

Parents are welcome to sit and watch as their children learn. Private lessons can be arranged for parents and children who wish to learn together. People who are interested in taking a class but wish to view a session before signing up are also welcomed to come and watch. Each and every student can attend two free classes to get to know the school and the Sensei (Japanese term for teacher).


Can girls learn Kenpo Karate as well?

Absolutely!! We have been striving to introduce Kenpo and other martial arts to girls of all ages in the effort to teach them self confidence and skills needed in order to protect themselves in the modern world. Girls are every bit as good as boys in the martial arts.

Kenpo is designed so that both girls and boys are able to participate. We do not expect anyone to come here equipped with massive strength or amazing agility. Everyone who enters the dojo is respected and encouraged to learn. Begin anytime with a group or private lesson. No experience is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome even during class times.


Can I begin taking classes right away?

Yes, begin with two free trial classes and if you decide to continue then simply attend classes as before. There is no need to wait till the beginning of the month or for a “session” to begin or end. New students are integrated into the class whenever they come in.


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