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Live Action Weapons

“A live-action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.” – Wikipedia


What is Live Action Weapons?

This class teaches the skills needed to help people become more skilled with their weapon of choice. While it was designed with the L.A.R.P. style games in mind, it really is for anyone that would like to learn to use a real
weapon while practicing with a foam version of that weapon. Essentially it is learning to expertly wield a real sword while using a foam sword and having a lot of fun doing it.

Weapons, as well as the physical skills required to use them should not to be used unless one’s life is in danger. The instructors here at Ethereal Arts are adamant that every art must be used responsibly, that it should not be used to provoke a fight or to be used against a family member or friends. Students are taught that they must use their training only in dire situations when the option to fight or protect themselves is made unavoidable. Knowing Martial Arts is not an excuse for violence—ever.


How are Live Action Weapons used?

Students will learn stances, blocks, strikes, and movement during an instruction period. Then, they will pair off with various partners to use what they have learned in class in a limited “freestyle” or sparring match. This is a contact class and students are required to wear protective headgear during sparring practice. If students are only interested in game applications then the teacher will tailor the lessons toward game only material. Lessons can also be tailored to self defense, personal development or spirituality (think Zen) or just plain fun such as learning to be a Jedi. Yes, we can teach people to spin and toss foam swords just like in the movies.

Who can use Live Action Weapons?

Anyone age six and up can use this class. We pair people off with someone with a similar age and or size. Any student that wants to devote themselves to learning a weapon art will benefit from training with foam weapons. It is training that is both practical and safe.


Are there classes that specifically teach Weapons?

Yes, currently we offer two very different kinds of weapons classes. One is the Lissajous Weapons System that focuses only on real weapons. The second is our Live Action Weapons class that focuses on applications of weapons while using a foam version rather than a real weapon.


Can I watch?/Can I participate?

People interested in taking a class but wish to view a session before attending are also welcomed to come and watch in our waiting area. Parents are welcomed to sit and watch as their children learn. Private lessons can be arranged for parents and children who wish to learn together. Each and every student can take two free classes to get to know the school and the Sensei (Japanese term for teacher). Watching a class does not count as one of the free classes.


Can girls learn Live Action Weapons as well?

Absolutely!! We have been striving to introduce every martial art that we teach to girls of all ages in the effort to teach them self confidence and skills needed in order to protect themselves in the modern world. Girls do just as well as boys in the martial arts.

Since weapons do not require strength they are suited to both men and women equally. Additionally, we do not expect anyone to come here equipped with massive strength or amazing agility. Everyone who enters the dojo is respected and encouraged to learn. Begin anytime with a group or with private lessons. No experience is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome even during class times


Why should my I/child enroll in the Live Action Weapons class?

Studies have shown that martial arts are a great way for children and adults to exercise. Researchers have found that children who participate in a martial art do much better with their schoolwork, are actually less likely to come into conflict with bullies, and in cases where a fight can’t be avoided, their training helps them protect themselves without being labeled as a bully in turn. Live Action Weapons is also an excellent alternative to the gym since it provides an excellent cardio workout while relieving stress. Last but not least, it is incredibly fun.


Can I begin taking classes right away?

Yes, begin with two free trial classes and if you decide to continue then simply attend classes as before. There is no need to wait till the beginning of the month or for a “session” to begin or end. New students are integrated into the class whenever they come in.


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