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Muay Thai Kickboxing

What is Muay Thai Kickboxing?

Muay Thai is a very direct martial art from Thailand that focuses on the use of the “eight limbs”. These are the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. While there are other kinds of strikes in the art, these eight are the main focus. The directness of Muay Thai is found in its heavy reliance on cardio training and very powerful kicks and punches.


How is Muay Thai different from other martial arts?

Muay Thai strives to be simple and direct frequently employing a force meets force type of blocking and striking philosophy. This is not the only method used, rather it is a means to a quicker resolution to end a self defense situation. Additionally, Muay Thai also has an emphasis on physical conditioning such as cardio for endurance, arm strength for punching, and leg strength for kicking as well as footwork.


Why should I enroll in a Muay Thai class?

Since Muay Thai is a body conditioning type of art then the level of fitness that is developed while learning it is excellent for weight management. Workouts offer many strength-building exercises as well. In addition to all of the fitness benefits, the use of punching bags allows students to let off steam by learning to punch and kick properly on a target that is made just for that purpose. The use of punching bags is not only good for learning but also they provide a great form of stress relief. With improved cardiovascular health and weight loss combined with muscle building, stress relief and of course learning self confidence and the ability to defend yourself, the reasons to learn Muay Thai keep adding up.


Is there an age restriction to learning Muay Thai?

Yes, the earliest a person can begin learning Muay Thai at Ethereal Arts is age 13. The adult classes are limited to ages 13 and up so that adults can have a class to themselves. Also, due to the nature of Muay Thai being a contact art (sparring with partners during class) we limit the age range to students that can follow instructions while maintaining self control.


Can I watch?/Can I participate?

People that are interested in the Muay Thai class are welcome to watch a class and are invited to participate in two free classes. It is our policy that people can only make an informed choice if they have actually tried the class to see if they like the art as well as the instructor and his or her teaching methods.


Can women learn Muay Thai kickboxing as well?

Absolutely!! Muay Thai is an art that anyone can study, man or woman it makes no difference. The real requirements of Muay Thai are patience and persistence. If you have those then you will have a great time learning any martial art and not just Muay Thai. Here at Ethereal Arts, we have been striving to introduce Muay Thai and other martial arts to women of all ages in the effort to teach them self confidence and skills needed in order to protect themselves in the modern world. Women are every bit as good as men in the martial arts and it is highly recommended that they have at least one year of self defense training before going to college. Muay Thai is also known as the science of the eight limbs and is designed for the application of the human body toward self defense. This means that anyone can participate.


Does Muay Thai Kickboxing require any special equipment?

Yes, at Ethereal Arts we require all Muay Thai students to have high-quality leather sparring gear. This equipment will last much longer and provide better protection than foam or vinyl gear. Equipment can be purchased separately or all together, depending on the student’s needs.


Can I begin taking classes right away?

Yes, begin with two free trial classes and if you decide to continue then simply attend classes as before. There is no need to wait till the beginning of the month or for a “session” to begin or end. New students are integrated into the class whenever they come in. We do not expect anyone to come here equipped with massive strength or amazing agility. Everyone who enters the dojo is respected and encouraged to learn. Begin anytime with a group or private lesson. No experience is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome even during class times.


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