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Ages 6 to 106

Tai Chi Chuan

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a series of physical motions that when performed, give the practitioner a greater range of motion, increased oxygen and blood circulation as well as inner calm and focus. There are long and short sequences of motion as well as advanced sequences such as using a fan. The motions of Tai Chi are practiced slowly with an emphasis on balance and continuous movement. Unlike Qigong exercises, Tai Chi makes use of the whole body and not just the arms.


How is Tai Chi different from other martial arts?

While Tai Chi is a martial art, it is presented and taught first and foremost as a means of health and self-improvement. There is no shouting or brick breaking in Tai Chi and there are no competitions based on strength. Karate type shouting is also not what Tai Chi is about. Since Tai Chi is an internal art (sometimes called a soft art) its primary focus is on the development of the individual. Spiritual, physical, or mental development is dependent upon what each person wants from his or her practice of the art. If someone is solely interested in the meditation side of Tai Chi then they are welcome to pursue that facet of the art. This makes Tai Chi different because each person may have different reasons for studying as well as different goals they are working toward and Tai Chi can provide each person with his or her desired result. To date, each and every student that has come to this school seeking Tai Chi as a means of physical therapy has regained a large portion of their lost range of motion. Talk to some of our students and hear their stories of what Tai Chi has done for them.


Should I enroll my child in a Tai Chi class?

While Tai Chi is not limited to adults, there are very few children that are willing to move slowly and quietly while working on the same movement repeatedly to attain self-perfection and inner peace. That being said, if a child age 6 or above wants to try a class we will be happy to give them a free trial lesson. However, we do request that a parent stay to watch the trial class and monitor their child’s reactions to learning Tai Chi. Should Tai Chi prove to not be for your child we have other classes available that may be just right.


Is there an age restriction to learning Tai Chi?

Yes, the earliest a person can begin learning Tai Chi at Ethereal Arts is age 6. As far as an upper limit, the oldest person that has studied Tai Chi at our facility is 89. That is not a limit however, it is merely a point of reference. Tai Chi has been known to be practiced by people even into their 100’s. We welcome the opportunity to break that record at our school.


Can I watch?/Can I participate?

People that are interested in the Tai Chi class are welcome to watch a class and are invited to participate in two free classes. It is our policy that people can only make an informed choice if they have actually tried the class to see if they like the art as well as the instructor and his or her teaching methods.


Can girls learn Tai Chi as well?

Absolutely!! Tai Chi is an art that anyone can study, young or old, boy or girl it makes no difference. The real requirements of Tai Chi are patience and persistence. If you have those then you will have a great time learning Tai Chi. Here at Ethereal Arts, we have been striving to introduce Tai Chi and other martial arts to girls of all ages in the effort to teach them self confidence and skills needed in order to protect themselves in the modern world. Girls are every bit as good as boys in the martial arts and it is highly recommended that they have at least one year of self defense training before going to college. Tai Chi is designed so that both women and men are able to participate. We do not expect anyone to come here equipped with massive strength or amazing agility. Everyone who enters the dojo is respected and encouraged to learn. Begin anytime with a group or private lesson. No experience is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome even during class times.

I have heard that Tai Chi is good for recovering from an injury. Is this true?

Yes, Tai Chi is one of the highest, doctor recommended activities for recovery from certain types of injuries. Neither yoga nor swimming can help in regaining lost range of motion like Tai Chi can. It is also great for improving balance.


Can I begin taking classes right away?

Yes, begin with two free trial classes and if you decide to continue then simply attend classes as before. There is no need to wait till the beginning of the month or for a “session” to begin or end. New students are integrated into the class whenever they come in.


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