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What to expect


In each class, we will explore movement in our bodies, as well as work to link breath with movement. All classes are suitable for beginner and experienced practitioners. Ethereal Arts offers a number of different options for each of the shapes that we take with our bodies. All that we ask is that you honor your body in class and only do what feels best for you. Please plan to bring a yoga mat and water. For restorative yoga, please plan to bring a small blanket or towel, and pillow. Yoga mats, blocks, and blankets are available to purchase through Ethereal Arts.

Beginner (Slow Flow)

This slow flow class is suitable for beginners, those who are working with injury, or anyone interested in slowing down their practice. This class allows for special instruction to move in and out of poses with ease, considerations for all body types, and time to explore a variety of standing, seated, and supine yoga poses.


Yoga for Seniors

This class is designed especially for students 55+. Special consideration is made to move with ease as we center with breath, explore poses, build strength, and end class with a supported restorative pose.


Restorative Yoga

We like to call this “nappy time” yoga. In this class we center our mind with breath, enjoy some very light movement, then relax in supported poses that allow for the body to restore and recharge. This class is like going to the spa, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying a cup of tea in the sun all at the same time. Restorative yoga is accessible for all body types, all practitioner levels, kids 9+, and anyone who craves time to rest in this busy world we live in.


Sunrise Yoga

This signature class is all that yoga has to offer. We start with calming breath, sun salutations, slow, flowing movement, gentle stretches, and release, and end with a supportive restorative pose. Wake up with the glory of the sun, and be ready to take on the weekend with ease and grace.





Please note: Yoga is not currently included in the Two Free Trial Classes offered. Please contact the school for more details.


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